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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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the most concentrated activity now is just east of iowa city along interstate 80 and then in far western counties. we'll get if in closer to waterloo and you can see from black hawk county down into benton county, thunderstorms have been firing there, producing locally heavy rains. not moving very fast but they are driven by the heating of the day they pop up quickly and then die out quickly. these will be scattered around through the evening hours and then will die out after tomorrow all over again. warm humid conditions, scattered thunderstorms. temperatures back in the 80s. there is an important front in the future that will bring changes and that's coming up. big medical news the maker of epipens are vowing to customers who say the life saving device kots too much. >> connor morgan joins us to explain how much patients can
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means the epipen can mean the difference between life and death. today myelin caved to pressure saying it will create a generic version of the pen for half the price. it has a virtual monday opposite oel on the inject torz. on top of the earlier this year the food and drug administration regektd a generic version of the inject i don't really. first responders may have already discovered a approach saving patients and their bundles. >> it does exactly the same thing. this was 350 $nnn,nnn,nnn,nnx.0n versus 400 to doll. what i did was go ahead and grabbed an orange pretending it was a patient's skin and went ahead and walked through and taught all of the emt to draw the own medication. the cost savings has bled over to our patients and our departments. >> while turner's solution isn't
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may entire other companies to produce alternatives. connor morgan cbs2 news ifrments parents are refusing to ak nature their children. the number of parents refusing vaccines jumped 12% between 2013 and this year. pediatricians report some parents consider vaccines unnecessary. but at cbs first reported last week most schools in lyon and johnson county have i am mu sglags rates of short of that number. medicaid providers and patients vented frustrations to a group of primarily democratic laurmz at the capital today. proirdz at the medicaid listening post facing their facing soaring costs. the managed care organizations has worked with them to address any approximate billing issues but they haven't made any progress. another patient said she can't
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services denied to her under the medicaid private sglags. >> i live on $811 a month. and i simply cannot afford to have to pay for these necessary lab tests every month i have them on top of living expenses, medications and other things that i need. >> this morning's meeting came before the ledge laifsh oversight economy in the afternoon we'll have -- excuse me. we'll have a full report on all of that this evening. there are a significant number of veterans unable to and the need for help is rising. the iowa city v.a. clinic is trying to meet that need by offering a program that's going national. we found out how citizens are choosing to give back by offering up their homes. coming up tonight on the cbs2 news 10 at 10. the linn county board of supervisors met today to discuss the county's minimum wage. members from the group living wage linn county were also present at the meeting. they gave the board more than
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wage workers detailing their own personal struggles. they hope their efrts today will push the issue. >> our hope is that they'll move forward with the ordinance and pass that county ordinance and our hope now is that the major cities here in linn county will hold the line and do the right thing by upholding the ordinance when its passed. >> the minimum wage has not increased since 2009. a supervisors plan to meet again later this week to education.he wants 70-percent of the state's workforce to pursue a college degree.the governor also spoke about meeting republican nominee for president donald trump last weekend.he attacked trump's opponent, saying democratic nominee hillary clinton's energy policies discriminate against corn based ethanol. "that would be devastating to the iowa economy with 43 ethanol, corn-based ethanol, plants in our state. that's
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only renewable fuel standard but corn-based ethanol is critically important to jobs in iowa and to the health of the farm economy." economy."tonight at ten - cbs 2 news is taking a closer look at how verbal support doesn't always mean financial support when it comes to presidential politics. in the race for the white house. house.donald trump has been telling americans he wants to rip up trade deals already in house donald trump he wants to rip-off trade deals already in place and and clear not just with voters but with leaders around the world. naf that and other programs are having a negative impact on jobs and the economy. trump and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie in the national latest poll. our mission is to connect the presidential candidates to viewers to better and inform and empower you. we've reached out the candidates to participate in interviews with not only our station but
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we want to hear from you. please share your thoughts with us by e-mail or facebook. smokers may soon have to be more careful about where she light up in johnson county. >> reporter: cbs more mover mover joins us life from iowa city to explain proposed changes. mel owed. >> reporter: kot and container this is what 25 feet looks like. this is how far away a smoker would have to be from entrances to public johnson county. something already in place in coralville and north liberty could come to the county. here in north liberty we have an ordinance for smoke free zones and basically what it is the iowa code 142 but the one thing that is extra that you need to remember here in north liberty is that we do not permit smoking within 25 feet to the entrance of a building. >> reporter: if approved that same rule would be applied county wide and he cigarettes
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>> the jons son county department of health came to us to educate us on e-cigarettes and how the vapor, the secondhand vapor is really just -- can be just as harmful. >> back at the county now looking for county wide ordinance to fill in all the rest of the county. >> reporter: public health is talking with iowa city leaders about adding the 25-foot requirement to the city ordinance. >> there are heavy metal, et cetera, and the nicotine that can be harmful to health. >> reporter: public health authorities are also talking with county leaders hoping to persuade them to adopt the proposal. >> i think having a healthy lifestyle is part of the quality of life. if we can continue to provide and improve the quality of life for our citizens that's maybe our job in the county government. >> beardsley says the department is hoping to make significant
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weeks and months. covering the corridor in iowa city. mover mover cbs2 news. some eastern iowa tobacco stores are going through a major overall. tobacco outlet will be transferred into quiktrip convenience stores. not only are fewer people smoking but sales of fresh and prepared foods are soaring. the company will move all tobacco products behind the counter and line to follow more of a market feel. crews will be working most of the week to transformed kinnick from a concert venue back to a football stadium. estimated fifty thousand people packed kinnick for the back pofrp revooifl. the first time the 87-year old stadium has been used to host a concert. featured music from several bands including blak she will
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the concert was a fundraiser for the do you woes new charity the native fund. series rapids second annual farmer's market after dark was a major success. even though it happened on the same night as the kinnick stadium. an early estimate they saw from 25 to 30 thousand people. organizers tell cbs it news they took over 19 city blocks expanding from only 7 last year. the ven during the evening. hollywood and comedy fans worldwide are mourning the pass of gene wilder. >> the ablthd i don't really died from complications of alzheimer's disease. the actor graduated from the university of iowa in 1955. he earned the second nod in the young frak en stein movie. but it was his role as back key
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a household name.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. member of the family make it hard for everyone to see each o. other.learn about the positive effects of sharing one meal together at the end of every day.that's tomorrow on cbs 2 regulations are in effect right now for drones. drones.the federal aviation administration the small air craft craftcbs 2 news reporter joe huisinga shows us who's affected--
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these new regulations do not impact recreational drone flyers.but is does open up big opportunities for commercail pilots the rules control where when and how these pilots can f. fly. drones are known for the stunning and unique images they can capture.the first classes of uav pilots are testing for their remote pilot certificates.i've been waiting for this day for quite a while now it was nerve wracking to say they least. 4 caleb howard passed the faa test.he will soon be one of iowa's first >> this man passed the faa test. he will be one of the first legal commercial droen pilots. >> the industry is out there for commercial use. they've been working on it for quite some time. now that they have this set in stone there's some possibilities to use it for commercial services. richard scearce21;16;12;20 farm field inspection grape vine inspection any kind of
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thousands of acres. 7 21;36;48;20 3d mapping, surveying. 2as with any business there are still hurdles21;33;56;19 insurance >> 3d mapping and surveying. >> reporter: with any business thr still hurdleses. >> insurance is isn't cheap but there are a lot more people out there offering shurns for droenz so hopefully with many more people offering the service the rates will go down. >> reporter: people worry about droenz impacting privacy some hope now those views will change. >> i've noticed a lot of people come up one of those. >> reporter: coming up in september thousands of pilots will be going to the international droen conference in las vegas and some of the stung cedar rapids video you saw was that caleb howard and he will be showing that film as part of a final is in the conference if i am festival. joe huisinga cbs2 news. chief meteorologist terry swails joining us now. i would imagine that will come
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video. >> yeah, it's already come into play t. chasers have tried it when you get into a vie lenlt storm some of the winds play bit of a havoc with it. >> you got a lot of money investigated in those things but any way it is becoming popular like you mentioned. >> we listen she terry. >> we've had rains in parts of the area today. it's coming down big-time in spots and other areas not even a spring yell. it's been a hit and miss day as far as weather is concerned around eastern iowa. 78 degrees the teacher tour in cedar rapids. that is koun considerably from earlier this afternoon. a lot of clouds coming in right now and the winds are out of the east, southeast at 10 miles per hour. dew point was at 74 earlier now back down to 71. a lot of humidity and another muggy day in the eastern part of the state. as far as temperatures go right
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and tama. that's a region that seen rain in the past hour or so. otherwise most other spots are in the mid to upper 70s. on the satellite you can see tropical moisture coming in from the southwest. that's been setting over us for the past couple of days and you take the sun and get that out in the afternoon and create heating and that generates the in stability necessary to get the scattered showers and storms. they have been very scattered and not everybody has seen them. and there has been the temperature. it was warm at 89 in burlington. but waterloo not getting above 81 degrees this afternoon. now as we go to the radar you can see some of the storms scattered around the area. no organized front or anything. just pure in stability from the warmth and heating we've gotten during the afternoon hours and moisture down near the surface. these things pop up and rain hard and then dissipate or move
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redevelopment. very hard to forecast. 30 to 40% of the area has actually seen rain today. around key stone heavy rain storms and those extend back towards tama. the area here seen pretty significant rains. rainfall rates east of tama of 2.85 inches in an hour's time. so it does come down hard but again, these will be very much hit and miss, last through the evening hours and once the sun goes down they are expected to dissipate during the evening ho coming up from the gulf of mexico that's bringing the warm moist air towards us. this will last for one more day around here and that means warm conditions again tomorrow afternoon. temperatures back in the low to mid 80s. due points expected once again into the 70s about like today. so additional showers and storms will be possible tomorrow on a scattered basis. and eventually we will get a front to come in from the northwest. it's now developing up here in
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that comes across the area tuesday night and wednesday mornings. once that passes that will get rid of all the moisture and get into a northwest flow here later this week. much more comfort ablz will be brought to eastern iowa. so the forecast for tonight then does call for widely scattered thunderstorms around especially through the evening hours but a lot of places will stay dry. 65 to 69. then for tomorrow, today, temperatures back in the low to mid 80s. some scattered showers and storms here and there. hit and miss in nature and i would say about 82 in waterloo and dubuque. 83 in cedar rapids. wednesday get rid of the rain 78. thursday looks night at -- nice at 73. it's warm and humid by sunday and monday. of course this is a hol kay weekend so the temper turdz look pretty fit for the holiday with
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80 degrees. coming up in sports it's game weeks for the panthers and
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offically now cbs2 sforts with zach hanley. >> we can officially koubt down the days until college football kicks off on one hand. saturday is matt campbell's
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attitude has really improved and everyone's refreshed" refreshed""it's a completely new era .... it's an exciting time for cyclone football" after eight months of "the process" the matt campbell "cutlure" takes jack trice for the first time saturday night night"you really have the ability to create a culture where that's habit rather than circumstance... you just don't luck into winning" winning"now "culture" is a nice word and all but the cyclones have lost nineteen games over the last two seasons -- so there's to "change," too too"we wanna win just as bad as the fans do. we're gonna do everything we possibly can to make the fans happy and get w's" "obviously we're judging ourselves on wins and losses too, that's the most important thing. but if we reach our potential and play the best we can, that's a win too"because "the process" takes time and even the cyclones don't fully know what saturday will bring bring"knowing what we have, knowing where we're at, i
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some really good things -- now can we sustain it ... we're gonna find out come saturday a little bit more about what we havee. but that only tells a little bit of the story. but it'll begin to tell our story for they're the authors -- in this new chapter of cyclone football. in ames, mia o'brien, cbs 2 sports unlike in ames - it's not a new era in cedar falls - mark farley's about to kick off on his 16th season as u-n-i's head coach - and the expectations are the same as they've always been - just win... on saturday - will look to avenge last season's loss at jack trice - the offense is experienced - the defense is not - especially in the secondary - the offense is experienced. the defense is not especially in the secondary. on monday farley said a number of freshman will take the field against the cloenz and it's a good atmosphere for the journey to begin. >> there maybe a more of a spotlight on this game from people surrounding the state and it's always -- it's always fun
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know, a night game at jack tries is awesome. those are the things to look forward not just the opposite opponent. that's a greater atmosphere and great stadium and night setting, that's just a cool way to kick off the season. the big news in denver besides the bronco neighboring the starting quarterback. james ferentz had a knee procedure done on monday that will keep the former hawk out for the first few games. he was the bk season. college football is obviously here but never too easy to look ahead to college basketball. the conference schedule was released with a 16 game big 10 slats. the hawks will take on 8 different opponents at car ver.
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inside vmas, the moments you didn't see on tv. beyonce drops the mic, but how much did her daughter blue ivy's dress cost? rihanna k after the show. >> why was she with her ex? >> inside rob lowe's roast. >> get ready to bring it and take it. >> as stars recreaae his teen we uncover the one who claims she hooked up with him. and head home to iowa with ashton kutcher. >> i have a secret passion for singing. >> mila cheers them on. is their young daughter picking


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